Medical Billing And Coding – A Career For You

Today medical billing and coding has become an important career option in the medical field. It is not a job that can be carried out by just anyone. It requires proper training and practice.

There are many online medical billing courses as well as coding courses. There are also medical coding schools where interested persons can enroll and get a medical coding degree. Most of these places also offer courses in medical billing as the two go hand in hand. There are many websites on medical billing and coding online that provide details about online medical coding courses and how much it costs to learn medical coding and billing. These sites also offer advice on how to pay for medical billing courses in school. They offer information on medical coding as a career, how to start a business and provide a general outlook on medical insurance billing jobs.

Medical Billing

What Is Medical Coding Or Billing?

The job of the medical billing and coding personnel may sound very simple. However, even one small mistake can lead to grave results. These jobs can be done from a clinic or hospital or office and there are even home based jobs. In fact, medical coding and billing from home is becoming quite popular. However, many people do not know what is medical coding or billing. Medical coding is the process of giving specific non repetitive codes to medical diagnosis. This is mainly done for medical insurance purposes. It requires well trained coders to convert the diagnosis provided by the doctor into codes. These can be used by insurance companies to give compensation to the patient by way of paying his medical bills.

Medical billing can be considered a sister vocation to medical coding. It is done after the coding is completed. It is data that passes between the hospital or clinic and the insurance company. The biller’s job is to convert the code into bills which will be given to the insurance company. This is done electronically through a clearing house set up for the purpose. The insurance company pays out the claim based on the details sent in by the biller.

Salaries Are Impressive

Careers in Medical billing and coding are extremely popular, especially to those who wish to work out of their homes. This is mainly because the salary is pretty impressive. In fact, there is a major difference in salaries paid to those doing the job as a freelance service and those carrying it out from the office of a hospital or a doctor. The at home service is generally on contract basis and the net amount paid is a great deal higher than what a normal full time employee would get. The job timings are also flexible when working from home. The flexibility of the job and the great salaries offered in the medical coding field make it a much sought after profession especially by homemakers who want to earn sitting at home.

Medical billing and coding is a great career for anyone who wants to be at home with kids and yet make some money provided they undergo the necessary training.


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