Q: Are there any updates on the Evaluation and Management (E/M) code requirements? A: The American Medical Association (AMA) has now weighed in with their

The clock is ticking, and you’re trying to select the right E/M level from a drop-down menu in the EHR. Choose a level that’s

CMS IPPS for 2020 takes a giant step forward. For those who somehow missed it, there are 88 current ICD-10-CM Z codes and subcategories

When you run an independent physician practice, accurate patient billing is essential.  A failure to keep on top of this can lead to severe

The global medical billing outsourcing market is poised to expand for years to come as medical practices face challenges related to multiple payers and

Expectations are high for the impact that artificial intelligence can play in healthcare, but most experts admit that the industry is still early in

Let’s talk targeted probe-and-educate (TPE) audits. TPE audits have turned out to be “wolf audits” in sheep’s clothing. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

Electronic medical or health records (EMRs) are the computer programs now in almost every doctor’s office. They have become not a boon — but

Billing and coding is always a challenge, but optometrists new to the field of neuro-optometric rehabilitation can find it doubly so, because the charting

Verma acknowledges lingering gripes about the RACs, pledges to do better. In touting the federal government’s efforts to make the realities of dealing with

Guidance and advice effective with discharges occurring on and after March 20, 2019. For coding and CDI (clinical documentation improvement/integrity) professionals, it’s exciting to read

Not infrequently, in the process of utilization review (UR), we run into situations in which, as physician advisors, we get to review Medicare cases

HIM professionals touch many functions of the revenue cycle. As we continue this segment on health information management (HIM) in the revenue cycle, I’d

Dive Brief: CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced Thursday the agency will overhaul coding regulations that she argues have hindered beneficiary access to new medical

ICD-10 is a set of around 70,000 diagnosis codes. ICD stands for International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. The verbosity of

Mobilization against changes is proposed. The 2020 Proposed Inpatient Prospective Payment System Rule (IPPS) came out on April 23, 2019, and we need to

“This is madness,” wrote U.S. District Judge Michael McShane in Portland, Oregon, in a scathing rebuke of the Trump administration’s new Title X regulations

The search for a solution might begin with CMS. We have a problem in America. We spend way too much money on healthcare, and

2020 IPPS proposed rule has a total of 149,405 ICD-10 codes. The Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) Proposed Rule for fiscal year (FY) 2020

With the implementation of the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) fast approaching, now’s the time to prioritize your ICD-10 training, as proper diagnostic coding will

For quite a long time, Medicare and Medicaid have been included on a Government Accountability Office (GAO) rundown of government programs that are at

Zion Market Research Offers an 8-Year Forecast In 110+ Pages Research Report “Medical Coding Market by Classification System (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System and International Classification

Understanding why a culture of compliance in coding and documentation is so important. Compliance is a large part of our duties in healthcare. It

Hospitals, health systems, physician practices and healthcare organizations are experiencing increasingly complex revenue cycles, working with government and private payers as well as patients

I know that numerous articles and even some books have listed the pros and cons of artificial intelligence (AI). Discussion of the technology in

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