Pharmacy Technician Training & Orientation Course

RXinsider’s Pharmacy Technician Training & Orientation is a no-nonsense training program for anyone interested in a career within the pharmacy profession. The program focuses on basic skills and understanding while minimizing training burdens on the existing pharmacy staff. RXinsider’s Pharmacy Technician Training & Orientation is the perfect starting point for cross-training front store pharmacy personnel, training new pharmacy staff or self-directed training for individuals interested in becoming a pharmacy technician.

Can you decipher the following prescriptions?


Can you read the drug names?
Can you calculate how long the prescription should last?
Can you read the directions?

…you will after completing RXinsider’s Pharmacy Technician Training & Orientation program.

  • Four comprehensive and relevant modules
  • Unlimited online access 24/7
  • Assessment quiz & certificate of completion
  • Web-based
  • Affordable investment

By completing the training program, trainee should:

  • have an idea of what a typical Pharmacy Technician’s duties will entail.
  • gain general and basic knowledge of a typical retail pharmacy and its operations.
  • feel less overwhelmed and stressed during the first few weeks of employment.
  • prove to future employers their commitment to becoming part of the pharmacy team.
  • gain an edge on any other applicants for a particular pharmacy position.
  • save time and frustration during the in-store training process.
  • determine whether a career in pharmacy may be the right fit.
  • NOTE: This program is NOT intended as a study guide for the PTCB Exam.

  1. General Pharmacy Information
  2. Sig Codes/Abbreviations
  3. Brand-Generic Name Recognition
  4. Prescriber Handwriting Recognition + Day’s Supply Calculations
  5. Self-Assessment Quiz

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